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DDOreq Telangana Treasury and TS DDO Claims or TG DDO Request Employee Salary Bills Preparation at….
There is a need to tackle this million dollar question. What is a DDO request? The best way to start is to state what the acronym DDO stands for first. The initials stand for Drawing and Disbursing Officer. Therefore, DDO request is a site that enables the DDO to prepare pay bills online. Already i was publish the article on AP Treasury ddoreq. The officers enter data regarding electronic payments on behalf of the employees. It all started with the Director of Treasuries. The department came up with the idea of preparing and submitting online bills to the treasury. They developed a website which would facilitate that.

They also employed DDO who would operate on the DDO request salary bills website (ddoreq). What is the purpose of the ddoreq webpage? The pay bill preparation system enables the preparation of state employees’ monthly salaries. Also, it generates supplement bills, DA arrear,and the leave encashment bills among others.

How to Prepare Ddoreq Telangana Employee Salary Bill TG DDO Request site at

Visit the ddoreq telangana official site whose URL is which is the TG ddoreq.

  • The TG ddoreq takes you to a page. It requires you to enter the DDO Code as well as the password. Key them in and then click Submit.
  • It will redirect you to the landing page which welcomes you to the Telangana (TG) ddoreq. On your left-hand side pane, click on PAYBILLS.
  • Press Pay bill preparation on the drop-down menu.
  • The click takes you to a page that requires you to confirm the bill id as well as the month. For the bill id, there is a drop-down menu with all the options. Select one, enter the month,and the year you are claiming the ddo request and click OK.
  • You will get a display of all employees who qualify for a salary increase. Click on the checkbox for the employee to get the increment and then press Next to proceed.
  • This next screen enables you to exclude an employee from the salary of that month. You can also manually include EWF/FLAG fund/IT. To do that, click the serial number (Slno) of the corresponding employee.
  • Countercheck the number of employees in a given cadre and then click Next as well as Submit after that.
  • From the PAYBILLS navigation panel, press the DDO Bill Submission. Do that only if the pay particulars tally coincides with those of the manual bill.
  • Once you select the Head-of-the-account, the list of the employees, income, deduction as well as the net salary is displayed.

Ddoreq Telangana

  • Click the Submit button. Write down the TBR number that appears on the screen.
  • Link the number above to the Bank Beneficiary account of the employee. How? By clicking the TBR Beneficiary entry [year] FROM the PAYBILLS option. Selection of the TBR No from the menu displays employees and their monthly salary. Press “Submit.”
  • Click on the “TBR Beneficially Report.” Upon entering the TRB number, you will get the TBR Beneficiary report.
  • Generate other reports from the REPORTS tab by entering the above number. They include Form 47 and Bill Schedules. The schedules include ZPPF, CPS, PTax, GPF, APGLI,and GIS among others.
  • Take the three reports together with the Paper Token & 101 to the Treasury Office for salary bills.

Follow that, and you will successfully get a tg ddo request from the Telangana ddoreq by the name That explains how to prepare Telangana Employees Salary Bill in website.

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DDOreq Telangana Treasury and TS DDO Claims or TG DDO Request Employee Salary Bills Preparation at

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